Thanks for joining me!

I’m just a Midwestern gal who fell in love with a tall dark Libyan who now is my husband. Five years later, and one son and cat in, I’m still aspiring to cook like a Libyan; the way to my husband’s heart!

Truth be told, this blog is also intended to be a bridge between my mother-in-law and myself. Because of the current political situation in Libya (more on that later) and the Muslim Ban in the United States, it is difficult for us to be together. Though we met last summer for the first time, my heart pines for her as my son grows from a baby into a child. Without much shared language, food becomes our universal tool.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog to learn these beautiful recipes, often with accompanying stories. If you’re reading this and have a piece of advice to share, a memory from growing up eating these foods, or just want to say hello, please do!